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First and foremost, I am a mother of 2 beautiful children, Brody and Savannah and a partner to my husband Stefan. My family is my true motivation to be better in everything that I do and they are my biggest cheerleaders that keep me focused on achieving my goals


Welcome to Amy Wagner Consulting, an esteemed business training and development company.


A little about me: I am an expert in Adult Learning and Organization Development. I have over 15 years of experience in designing and facilitating workshops focused on Sales, Customer Experience, Leadership, Coaching, and Business Consulting with some of Canadas Largest corporations. I am Committed to helping others reach their true potential and goals, and I am  passionate about creating performance-based learning to drive business objectives. My strengths include: turning complex thoughts into actions, building relationships, continuously improving, and taking ownership of commitments. I am engaged, energetic and love to add humour into everything that I do. 

I am so excited about what I do and I look forward to connecting with your business. 


Adeel Chatha, Director of National Accounts at Sysco

I had the pleasure of collaborating with Amy on a few L&D projects during her tenure with Sysco. During this time, I thoroughly enjoyed working with Amy, her strong communication skills, attention to detail, and positive attitude are core to her ongoing success. Additionally, Amy was a strong motivator and frequently collaborated with team members to foster productive learning environments and proactive solutions

Maria Denomey, Training Manager, Rogers

I’ve worked with Amy in different capacities, but one thing remains. She is always learning and making sure her clients are also always learning.
She is not afraid to ask questions, challenge the status quo or be curious enough to be able to relay information to others.
Amy is a quick study and enjoys the process of applying her learnings or even better sharing them.
She is a total hands -on person and doesn’t shy away from anything. If she has asked someone to complete a task, you can bet she’s already done it or will do it alongside you.
Amy is a leader when it comes to looking for improvements, whether it is process, training guides or performance, she is right there to guide you, coach you along the way. She sees magic in her efforts being transferred into the real world.

Patrick Ferguson, Senior Manager, of Learning,  Rogers

I worked with Amy in a previous role as Store Manager, and as Learning Business Manager supporting the retail channel at Rogers.
Amy is an effective and efficient facilitator, who's training helped drive sales within the channel as a whole, and specifically within the area that she supported. We worked together on a range of projects after the onset of the pandemic to streamline learning, and reduce seat time while still delivering impactful learning solutions for the channel. Amy contributed to both strategic decisions prior to training deployment, and to execution of training plans. Her knowledge of the challenges faced by learners in the flow of day to day work was invaluable, as was her commitment to providing solutions supported by adult learning principles.
Amy is able to switch gears quickly, and deliver results in a fast paced environment where business needs can shift without much warning. 

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